What do I need to do to prepare? 

Having an open space available for your massage, and preparing yourself to receive, can help your experience.  Before All Hands on Deck comes to deliver your treatment you will be sent and email listing things that you could do to prepare before your treatment.

How do I get a good massage?

It's time that you get what you want out of your massage session! If you need a quiet relaxation session with aromatherapy, or if you need specific clinical work to relieve stiffness or pain, you can get what you need. Communicating is paramount in helping direct any massage therapist, so keeping an open dialogue throughout the session is very important. This is your time, let's use it wisely, please communicate so the massage can be styled for what your body needs. 

How long of a massage should I book?

Time can fly by when you are getting a massage, so how long of a session do you need that will get you good results? It all depends on what you need from your massage. The majority of those seeking massage therapy have a few areas that need some extra attention because of chronic conditions, pregnancy, or simply due to stress. During a 75 min massage 1 to 3 areas can be addressed specifically with some relaxation worked into the mix of the session.  60 minute massages are excellent for relaxation work or sports massage. 90 minute massages are great, because they are 90 min, nuff said.:-)

Do I need to take off my clothes?

No!! You can get a great massage fully dressed. The approach is slightly different due to the fact that there is not much oil or cream used, but the focus of the work is still very effective. If you want to try fully dressed massage I would suggest wearing something that is comfortable to you. And that's the whole point, you should feel comfortable as much as possible. If you are undressing, undress to your comfort level. All clients and patients are draped at all times.

How do I relax?

This is a great question!! I have training in breathing and voice work. At times during the session I could work with you on some techniques that have been helpful for clients to relax. I have found those that take the time to learn about their breath find it easier to relax on the table and in their daily lives!

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