"Rob is really great at identifying your unique pressure points and addressing a custom approach for your needs. He's diagnostic, consultative and just a great therapist! He's really helped me with my overall holistic health, as he definitely goes above and beyond. I've recommended him to SO many peers!"

"Simply amazing!!! I've been going to Rob for massages for about 5 years and can't imagine anyone better. For specific problems or just general massage, his deep knowledge and wide variety of techniques always hit the mark and make a huge difference. I can't recommend him enough."
~Kathy M 

"I'd highly recommend Rob Brady as a massage therapist. He recently worked on me during a show, and was wonderful at relieving the neck and shoulder tension I'd acquired during the rehearsal process. He's highly skilled and easy to work with. He's extremely passionate about what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

~Jesse Wright Singer/Actor

I have had chronic muscle pain in my neck and shoulders for a long time and I am finally pain-free thanks to Rob! As an internist, I wish all of my patients with musculoskeletal pain could receive this treatment (less opioids would be prescribed!) 
- Doctor Ashti

I’ve been receiving treatments from Rob for more than 5 years and he is absolutely wonderful. After having 2 back surgeries, massage therapy is essential. Rob’s knowledge and concern for his clients is amazing. Every time I see him I feel better.  
- Angela 


My massages have mostly been for relaxation, rather than to address a problem.  That said, Rob has always been really tuned in to what kind of work my body needed, and at the same time, providing a great overall massage.   It was common to feel completely relaxed and calm after receiving the massage.  Simply terrific!

~Peggy R.

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